Product Hunted, Conversions and Numbers

Yesterday was Cyber Monday and the day our browser extension hit #1 on Product Hunt -- thanks to the somewhat skinny, somewhat bald Ben Fisher who hunted it, some friends from WeWork, and to a large army of bargain-hungry product hunters.

If there's one thing for certain I've learned from Product Hunt founder Ryan Hoover, it's being more open about your startup or business. Ryan’s been transparent and has included the entire PH community every step of the way during his site’s explosive growth.

So in the spirit of openness here's the breakdown of what occurred yesterday as Coupons at Checkout bubbled to the top of Product Hunt.

Our Product Hunt Stats for Dec 1, 2014

  • 522 Upvotes (on PH)
  • 3.0K Unique visits
  • 1.1K Successful Installs

That's a 38% Conversion funnel from Page visit to Successful Install

That's really good for a browser extension, and doesn't include those who went off to install the mobile version. Here's a few other sources we've tracked in the past:

  • Paid stumbles on Stumbleupon converts around 10%.
  • Users coming through CouponFollow converts at about 25%.
  • Original writeup on LifeHacker converted (and still does) upwards of 70% which is hands-down insane.

For obvious reasons, comparing the above methods is not apples to apples in anyway.

LifeHacker is the best fit possible for users of this extension, so it converting so well isn’t too surprising. But what strikes me as an important factor in the high conversion rates for both LH and PH is that they both have become extremely reputable, and their followers are diehard. It’s incredible PH has achieved this level so quickly.

That's it for now!

Yesterday was fun, let's do it again sometime... ok Ryan?