JavaScript / jQuery Clipboard and Flash Detection Plugins

Listed below are some of my recent findings for the best JavaScript Clipboard and Flash Detection scripts for web developers.

Clipboard Plugins

Developers can provide end-users the ability to copy text to their clipboard (eg. mimic Ctrl+C action).

This is the most active clipboard project available.  Most robust, lots of options and active community.

Example of ZeroClipboard with multiple per page

zClip jQuery Plugin
zClip Wraps the ZeroClipboard functionality into jQuery and is worth checking out for those using jQuery and seeking a quick clipboard implementation:

*jQuery Clipboard
Another (older) clipboard plugins for jQuery.  These only work prior to the "actionable-effect requirement" in Adobe 10 and works completely differently. *This won't work with the latest Flash versions*

Detecting Flash

Easily identify if the end-user has Flash capabilities installed on their web browser.

*Flash Detect (JavaScript Flash Detection Library) *
Doesn't seem to require a separate SWF file.  Small and easy to implement.

Another good options for Flash Detection that is very reliable.

Some example code can be found here:

*jQuery Flash Plugin *
Used for embedding Flash movies but also has detection.