Amazon's Prime Day Could Prove To Be A Costly Reputation Goof

Everyone I know speaks highly of Prime. In fact, I've never met any Prime member that's told me they've stopped using. Some even equate it's purchase addictiveness to the likes of cocaine. So naturally expectations were high when Amazon announced and started massively marketing "Prime Day".

With great power comes great responsibility.

- Uncle Ben

With such a massive and loyal community, there's a lot on the line. It's a costly gamble if you don't deliver. And if the community feels you've wronged them, they can become a fickle, damaging mob (just ask Reddit).

So while Amazon achieved the top Trending hashtag on Twitter, it wasn't necessarily a good thing.

Sure Amazon increased sales for a day... but it could have potential long-term negative effects as they lose customer and community respect. Here's a few of my favorites from the Twittosphere:

Look at the timestamps, some people were up at 3 AM (including myself), only to be let down. And one more (Star Wars ref):

Many more good ones here =)

Personally, Amazon hasn't let me down often. I expect they'll learn from this uncommon fault.