4 iOS Extensions to Speed Up Mobile Shopping

Shopping from your mobile or tablet this holiday season? Yeah, I've been sucked into doing it more than I wish to admit too. So here's a few iOS 8 extensions to help alleviate some frustrations (from the perspective of my shopping thought process).

These extensions are available right from within Safari, just a tap away while you're shopping.

"Hmm, cool product, better investigate later."

Found a cool product for yourself or as a gift? Not the right time to buy? Send yourself an email with the link in just a tap using the Mail to Self extension and do more research later.

Note: Wanelo and Pocket also have a share extension which can be used to bookmark products.

"Ok, yeah, gonna buy it! Wait, am I really getting the best price on this thing?"

Quickly check competitor websites' prices for the same product using the PriceBlink extension. A list of competitor prices will appear instantly right on the page.

Note: ipad only.

"I'll just add to cart and checkou... Oh crap, I have to fill all this out?"

There's nothing worse than filling out forms when you just want to buy the damn thing. The LastPass extension will help you quickly login to your account at retailers using just your fingerprint a la Touch ID.

"Oh, promo code? Hmm... Darn, don't have one of those. Wait a sec... Maybe I do!"

You too can find one of those elusive coupon codes. And the only thing better than saving some dough is doing it efficiently. The Coupons at Checkout extension will "Find Coupons" for you with just a tap, right at checkout.

Ahhh, all done.